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McKee Environmental Health, Inc.
303 Westfield Ln.
Friendswood, TX

McKee Environmental Health, Inc.

Statement of Qualifications

1. Statement of Qualifications

 McKee Environmental (MEHI) was found in 1982 by Ronald S. McKee, Certified Industrial Hygienist. MEHI is a State of Texas Asbestos Consultant Agency. McKee Environmental Health Inc. is a State Licensed Asbestos Lab for fiber counts (PCM). MEHI is a State of Texas Licensed Mold Assessment company.

2. Staff (8)

 1. Directed by Certified Industrial Hygienist: Ronald S. McKee
  B.S. Chemistry, University of Houston
 2. State Licensed Asbestos Consultants and Mold Assessment Consultants
   a. R.S. McKee, B.S. Chemistry, UH
 3. Indoor Air Quality Investigators
   a. Sherry Foster State Licensed Asbestos Air Technician/Project Manager and Mold Assessement Consultant
 4. Vice President: Judy McKee, B.S. Edu, UH
 5. Office Manager: Kathy Murphy, B.S. Technology, UH

3. Client and Professional References

 1. Ken Oliver, UH/FP&C
 2. Harry Stenvall, UH/CL
 3. Emmitt Sullivan, UH/EH&S

4. Relative Project Experience

 1. Residential Investigations 5000+
 2. HCCS Central Campus
 3. University of Houston (Central, Downtown, Clear Lake)
 4. Tellepsen Builders

5. Indoor Air Quality Survey Strategy

 1. Review maintenance records for possible moisture sources (Leaks, HVAC problems, etc.).
 2. Record temperature and humidity readings in affected and unaffected areas.
 3. Collect digital photos of suspect areas.
 4. Collect air and bulk samples for mold plus outside samples for comparison. Wall check samples may be needed to check wall cavities.
 5. Relate CAD floor plan to sample locations.
 6. Relate high relative mold readings to areas needing remediation.
 7. Perform moisture tests on building materials to help determine extent of wet materials.
 8. Recommend remediation procedures to remove mold without spreading spores throughout the building.
 9. Perform visual inspections after remediation.
 10. Verify completion of remediation with spore air tests and tape-lifts.

Note: Culture plates can be collected using our Andersen SN-6 single stage viable impactor or with sterile swabs.